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34 x 34 inches

Watercolor on Paper

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Artist Details

Pappu Bardhan, an artist driven by his love for nature and the imperative of conservation, has dedicated the past decade to capturing its essence through watercolor paintings on paper. Nature's profound significance in human existence and its gradual erosion, whether deliberate or unwitting, form the heart of his work. Pappu explores the theme of "Nature Reconstructed," revealing how urban development sacrifices and devours nature and its shelters. He mourns the loss of greenery in his surroundings and illustrates the symbiotic relationship between nature and living beings through depictions of fruits, birds, lotus leaves, and ponds. Pappu also confronts the destructive consequences of population growth on nature's fragile balance.  His work has been showcased at numerous group and solo exhibitions in various Indian and international galleries, including NYB Gallery in Washington USA.
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