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Los Altos Golf and Country Club Exhibit

On April 21st, Neev by Neha held an elegant private art exhibit at the Los Altos Golf and Country Club showcasing the works of over 10 artists.

With over 225 guests attending, the event was a spirited celebration of Indian culture and artistry, foregrounding India’s unique and multifarious impact on the contemporary global art scene. The artwork sparked lively conversation and thoughtful interpretations among attendees, and by the exhibit’s conclusion many pieces had found enthusiastic buyers.

One significant cynosure of the event was the artwork of Dr. Laxman Aeley, which reflects the people and rural surroundings of his childhood in the Indian village of Kadirenigudem. His newer pieces utilize vivid and eye-catching hues while continuing to pay homage to his rustic roots, expressing the struggles, strength, and traditions of various locals as they go about their daily lives.

One Rincon Hill

On March 28, One Rincon Hill, a prestigious condominium building in San Francisco, hosted a private art exhibition curated by Neha Singhal. This exclusive event was designed for the building's residents and showcased a broad collection of artwork from over 15 Indian artists.
With around 75 residents in attendance, the exhibition was lively, creating a unique cultural experience within the residential community. The displayed art ranged from traditional pieces to contemporary creations, offering a diverse spectrum of artistic expression.
One of the highlights of the evening was the work of Gourishankar Soni, whose stunning 3D artwork charmed the audience. Soni's pieces attracted significant attention for their intricate design and depth.
The event concluded with several pieces finding new homes among the residents, demonstrating a successful evening of art appreciation and community engagement. Overall, the exhibition received a warm reception, reinforcing the idea that art can be a powerful way to bring people together.

Enacte Art Festival

EnActe Arts launched a New Works Festival in tribute to its spiritual founder, Jean-Claude Carrière. Carrière, Lifetime Achievement Oscar winner, was arguably one of the most prolific and impactful storytellers of his time. His six decades of work include theatrical collaborations with Peter Brook, cinematic collaborations with Louis Buñuel, and several awards including Palme d’Ors, Academy Awards, and even the Padma Shri.

Neev by Neha, Art gallery had the opportunity to exhibit contemporary art by 14 emerging and established Indian artists. The event served as a wonderful celebration of ten years of EnActe Arts' impressive artistic accomplishments, their social impact, and its role in community building. The guest of honor for the occasion was Jaaved Jaaferi.

State Street Market Café, California

Art is a cultural identity of the city of Los Altos, California. We were delighted to collaborate with State Street Market Café in Downtown Los Altos to showcase a glimpse of out Art Gallery collection this holiday season. November and December 2023

New York Expo

Neha Singhal, founder of Neev by Neha, successfully promoted two renowned Indian artists during the New York Expo. The artists were present in person to showcase their work at the event, creating an engaging and interactive experience for attendees.

Held over a four-day period, the expo attracted a substantial number of New Yorkers who were enthusiastic about the vibrant and diverse artwork on display. The event not only highlighted the talent of the two featured artists but also underscored the growing appreciation for Indian art within the New York Community. The success of the expo was further cemented by the fact that many artworks found new homes with collectors and art enthusiasts.

A special highlight of the event was the recognition of artist Asit Patnaik, who received the 2024 Award for Best Solo Exhibitor. Patnaik's unique style and compelling pieces captured the attention of both the jury and the public, earning him this prestigious award. This reflects the quality and impact of his work, as well as the significance of the New York Expo as a platform for showcasing exceptional talent.

Superfine Art, Spring Show

Neev by Neha brought the vibrant essence of Contemporary Indian Art to the San Francisco Superfine Art Fair, which took place at Fort Mason Center from March 21 to 24. The exhibition featured works by more than 10 Indian artists, drawing a crowd of over 2,000 art collectors and aficionados. The showcase offered a glimpse into the rich diversity and innovation of Indian art, creating a dynamic atmosphere where tradition met modernity. Many artworks found enthusiastic buyers, underscoring the expanding global appreciation for Indian artistic creativity.

This successful event not only celebrated Indian culture but also fostered connections across artistic boundaries.

Launch Party

More than 150 guests gathered at Los Altos Golf & Country Club in September to celebrate the launch of the Neev by Neha Contemporary Indian Art Gallery, a project designed to amplify the visibility of promising and renowned artists from India. The exhibition showcased the works of more than 25 artists, representing a diverse range of media aimed at encapsulating the beauty and diversity of Indian art.

According to founder and art curator Neha Singhal, the endeavor had been in the making for more than a year, driven by a vision to foster connections between emerging artists with limited resources and established talents from India. The gallery provides a platform for global art exposure and offers Bay Area art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to experience thoughtfully curated art.

Superfine Art Fair, San Francisco

Neev Gallery showcased a diverse array of contemporary artworks representing 15 artists at the San Francisco Superfine Art Fair at Fort Mason, San Francisco. The gallery's thematic curation charmed the audience, fostering numerous interactions, with artworks finding new homes. November 2023

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