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About Us

At Neev, we believe that art has the power to transcend borders and cultures, and we are committed to providing the platform for emerging and recognized artists alike to reach a global audience. Through showcasing the beauty and diversity of Indian art, we aim to educate, inspire and foster greater cultural exchange and deeper human connection. Each curated piece of art is carefully selected for its quality, authenticity, and artistic merit, and chosen to represent the unique talent and creativity of the artist who created it. We are dedicated to supporting local Indian craftspeople through fair trade practices, ethical sourcing, and providing sustainable sources of income.


Whether an experienced art collector, a connoisseur of Indian art, or simply someone curious and appreciative of the beauty and uniqueness of handmade art, we believe everyone can benefit from exploring the diverse collection and connection to art offered by Neev.

About Neha

In 2023, Neha Singhal founded Neev with the mission to promote the art and amplify the voices of emerging and renowned Indian artists in the US and beyond. Derived from the Hindi word for “foundation,” Neev is named to reflect Neha’s deep commitment to her roots and desire to give back to her homeland by directly supporting the talent and creativity of its artisan communities.

As an immigrant to the US with two American born daughters, Neha feels a profound sense of responsibility to ensure that the rich and colorful culture of India remains preserved in her home. By promoting the celebration of Indian festivals, educating family and friends in traditional Indian cuisine, culture and filling the walls of her California home with the works of Indian artists, Neha found that these works of art not only provided her with a much-needed sense of belonging and reaffirmation of cultural identity, but also had piqued the interest of friends and art enthusiasts unfamiliar with Indian artwork. From this, the idea of Neev was born.

Based in Bay Area, Neha has curated a wide range of media and styles, from traditional paintings to abstract and contemporary installations. Through Neev, a broad range of services is offered to clientele, including art advisory, commissioned art and collection management.

Outside of running Neev, Neha has supported several nonprofits over the last decade such as Neythri, a global community of South Asian Professional Women, as well as American Indian Foundation, Indiaspora, Pratham and Foundation of Excellence -- organizations committed to improving the lives and provide educational opportunities to the India’s most underprivileged.

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