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39 x 45 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

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Artist Details

Gulrez Ali received his education in fine arts from Barkatullah University, Madhya Pradesh. He uses the space on his canvas to create a harmonious fusion of cosmic colors. He aims to capture the essence of joy and happiness, allowing specific moments to expand and flow seamlessly into one another. His artistic perception alternates between abstraction and representation, encompassing elements both familiar and unknown in our world, striving to recreate the sensations that our senses perceive, filtering them through the intricate veil of the soul and mind. He has participated in various solo shows and group exhibitions all across India and overseas, with his permanent collection being showcased in a gallery in Europe. He was invited as a premium guest to the International Art Festival 2012 in Belgium and has been honored by Indian state government sectors. Gulrez now lives and works in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.
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