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36 x 48 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

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Artist Details

Born in Latur, Maharashtra, Anand Panchal is a critically acclaimed artist who studied at the J.J School of Art in Mumbai. Lyrical, rustic worlds take center stage in Panchal’s acrylics on canvas. His incandescent art documents the enduring soul of India, reflecting its indigenous culture, beliefs, and traditions. From portraying the simplicity of village life to delving into the richness of Indian mythology, the artist demonstrates a remarkable range. He blends figurative and symbolic elements with abstract spaces, creating paintings that convey both vastness and intimacy. Similar to the captivating notes of a melodic, multi-colored raga, Anand Panchal’s compositions feature a radiant palette with brilliant reds, blues, and ochres. The bold colors achieve a perfect balance through his distinctive technique, seamlessly combining smooth and textured applications of paint. Panchal's skillful use of impasto knife work transitions into a finely blended surface, adding depth to his works. Infused with poetic and magical imagery that showcases the artist's technical skill, Panchal's artworks leave a lasting impression.
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