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24 x 24 inches

Mixed Media on Canvas

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Artist Details

Born in 1967. Sanju graduated with a Masters Degree in Painting from Indore University in 1990. With several solo exhibitions including the last one that was held at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai and 30 Group shows to her credit, Sanju is being recognized as an important emerging artist in Abstract Art.   As a child Jain was fascinated with the paper pulp baskets that the village women made. She has incorporated these techniques in making her paper pulp paintings. By mixing clay with some other ingredients, she churns it. The paste thus made is coated on the canvas to dry with glue from the Babool tree. She then wields her brush with colors that invoke sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk, water and vegetation. Sanju taught Art in a school at Sehore for eight years during which her own learning process never stopped. Sanju is now settled in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She has been felicitated by 14 major awards like the All-India Kalidas Award in Ujjain (1989), Sanskar Bharti Award (1886), in 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2002 she received the Madhya Pradesh State Awards, the Raza Award (1998), 3rd All India Lokmanya Tilak Award in Pune (2002), All India Kala Academy Award (2002), All India Raza foundation (2006) and so on.
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