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24 x 24 inches

Mixed Media on Canvas

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Artist Details

Based out of Mumbai, Madhuri Kathe is an established artist known for captivating mixed-media abstract artworks. Kathe holds a Master’s degree in Drawing and Painting from Vikram University in Ujjain, and another Master’s degree in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology. She has also completed a PhD in Miniature Paintings.    With a spiritual connection, she sees art as a reflection of inner beauty. Using unconventional materials like medical gauze, tissue, and Korean papers, she blends them with acrylic colors for enchanting canvas creations. Her palette features serene sea-green, blue, burnt orange, purple, pale yellow, and white tones. Nature is a constant inspiration. Madhuri's upbringing instilled wisdom from Indian sages, shaping her understanding of spiritual practices. The concept of 'nirankar', or formlessness, strongly influences her art. This connection to the cosmos fuels her creative expression and infuses her work with depth and meaning.   Madhuri Kathe has participated in various solo shows and group exhibits both in India and abroad, and has been part of prestigious art residencies, including one in Sweden in 2018.
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