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Unsent Letters


36 x 48 inches

Acrylic on Canvas

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Artist Details

Preeti Potdar Jain is an artist based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She received her degree in Drawing and Painting from Barkatullah University in 2002. She is a professional artist who refined her skills at Bharat Bhavan alongside both senior and emerging artists. Her paintings employ crisp layers, vibrant colors, textures, and lines, depicting letters of correspondence to symbolize the encapsulation of deep emotions. Just letters immortalize the expression of the letter-writer’s feelings, Jain’s paintings are the manifestation of her own sentiments. Regardless of whether  letters reach their intended destinations, the emotions they contain endure within our hearts indefinitely. “When the letters do not reach their destination, emotion expressed in them remains somewhere in the back of our heart. They can fade with time but they can not be killed. They remain entrenched in our hearts eternally. “ Says Preeti
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