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Tree of Love


72 x 48 inches

23.75 ct Gold Leaf & Oil on Canvas

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Artist Details

Born into the lap of art and culture in Buldana, Maharashtra – a quaint town close to the famous Ajanta Caves of India, Sangeeta Abhay has dedicated her art to the life and teachings of Gautam Buddha. A graduate of the Government College of Art, Aurangabad, she secured the first rank in her BFA degree at the University, earning her a fellowship. Through her paintings and sculptures, Sangeeta tries to unravel different facets of the life and teachings of Lord Buddha. The artist sustains her fascination with the Bodhi Tree, under which the Master attained Nirvana. While most of her paintings follow a monochromatic color scheme, with smooth and soft application of colors, each painting has a unique message to convey and is woven around the life of Buddha, who spread the inner beauty of life. Through her rare sense of imagination, Sangeeta shares with her viewers a profound understanding of form, content, and enriching color schemes. In Sangeeta’s own words, “My quest for the Buddha continues.”  Sangeeta has participated in multiple group exhibitions and held solo shows in different parts of India, the US, and Indonesia. She was invited to participate in the prestigious Florence Biennale XII in 2019, where she received critical acclaim for her work from the international community and was also awarded for her anamorphic sculpture fusing science with art. She is the only Indian artist featured in the BBC semicentennial documentary called Civilization and has been honored to be featured in the world of Google Arts & Culture.  Impressed with her work and bound by their common devotion to Buddha, Padma Bhushan and Grammy awardee Gulzar (Indian lyricist and poet) have penned couplets for five of Sangeeta’s artworks. He has also dedicated a poem for her solo show at Jehangir Art Gallery.
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